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Defense & Military

As a producer of products for the defense and military industry, you know all too well the constant pressures you face. Demands for cutting-edge technology, absolute zero defect quality and affordable costs make it essential that you have the ability to account for every element and every action in the manufacturing process�and have access to that data at a moment�s notice.

MASS Groupâ��s Traceability Made Easy® (TME) software delivers all of this and more. Barcode and RFID scanning features provide data collection points that capture the essential information you need. TME then lets you locate data about virtually anything including equipment history, work order status or inventory serial numbers, batch numbers and product SKUs in a flash. You can know exactly who did what, where and when.

There are three web-based modules that can be utilized together, or individually, to achieve defense & military production efficiency:

  • Manufacturing Execution Software
    TME MES focuses on your overall quality, efficiency and level of production output. It facilitates just-in-time allocation of assets and raw materials so that your final product is created efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Computer Maintenance Management Software
    TME CMMS prevents unnecessary downtime by providing equipment problem and routine maintenance alerts. This allows you to forecast and reallocate resources to keep operations running.
  • Enterprise Asset and Inventory Management
    TME EAM creates a central data repository for all of your asset and inventory information.  Not only will you be able to know where everything is with a single click, youâ��ll also be able to review its entire life history from cradle to grave.

Together, the TME software applications enable you to deliver consistently high quality, increase uptime, minimize defect and boost production efficiency and your bottom line.

WIP Tracking

Barcodes and RFID technology collect information for raw materials and components at every step in the production cycle, providing you with complete WIP tracking and product traceability.
WIP tracking gives you:

  • Real-time information  on inventory, lots on hold and reworks and scrap
  • Reduced WIP cycle times
  • Increased productivity, quality and yield


Production Schedule Viewer

Just-in-Time manufacturing becomes a reality with this module that lets you develop production schedules and sequences to meet changing needs.  Improve delivery date accuracy and increase throughput by reducing downtime.
TME Production Schedule Viewer lets you:

  • Prioritize and adjust schedules as demand changes
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Optimize inventory consumption

Rule-Based Flexible Routing

MES not only tracks the production of multiple products but lets you set the rules to manage rework, engineering change orders and more to ensure all work in process is in the right place at the right time.
MES provides:

  • Optimized utilization of inventory and equipment
  • Reduced scrap and improved throughput
  • Monitoring of all operations at all points in the production process

Resource Allocation, Recipe Management, Labor Efficiency

Managers get the tools they need to effectively monitor raw materials, consumption rates, labor and work-in-process. Ensure consistent product quality by defining production procedures and recipes for increased productivity.
MES allows you to:

  • Accurately forecast labor, material and inventory needs
  • Efficiently plan for current and future jobs
  • Maximize production uptime

Electronic Traveler

Eliminate the need to sift through paper records with this paperless production order management solution. It follows the lot through each stage of production, documenting process data that is made easily available to you.
The electronic traveler lets you:

  • Increase throughput and accuracy
  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Verify step completion

Data Collection

MES collects all manufacturing process data from multiple sources to give you the information you need when you need it. All non-lot production data parameters can be configured and collected for even greater insight into variables that impact production.
Enjoy the ability to:

  • Collect data manually or automatically.
  • Add calculations to collected values
  • Display all data on charts and report for easy analysis

Statistical Process Control (SPC/SQC)

SPC uses proven algorithms to conduct real-time quality analysis to help shop-floor personnel detect errors before they occur. The customizable interface lets you configure data collection to meet your company’s needs.

SPC helps you achieve:

  • Significant reduction in waste, scrap, defects, cycle times, rework and costs
  • Minimized potential for product recalls and negative brand exposure
  • Improved product quality

Engineering Analysis

Engineering analysis lets you make good use of the valuable data collected with MES. Sort and view data in multiple ways to facilitate key business decisions that help you make your products better.
Engineering analysis lets you:

  • Identify more efficient production methods
  • Determine if current yields meet defined parameters
  • View data in SPC or Pareto Charts or in the analysis window

Traceability & Genealogy

With TME MES, every product is tracked down to the component level to detect defective components and incorrect tolerances so that they can be identified and eliminated.

All data is collected and managed through a powerful SQL database for the product's lifecycle. This provides genealogy and traceability information to meet compliance for commercial and governmental regulations, particularly for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, food & beverage, and healthcare industries.

Metal and plastic parts can be permanently marked with UID serialization or 2D barcodes to provide detailed traceability throughout the supply chain. This data can be correlated with the data stored in TME MES for warranty claims, product returns, recalls and engineering analysis.

Inventory Management

The inventory tracking module collects real-time data on all inventory and assets used during the manufacturing process, including non-lot consumables.
Inventory management:

  • Reduces costs associated with insufficient or excess stock
  • Allows tracking by serial number, lot number, batch, and job number
  • Collects quantity, consumption, location and expiration dates

See TME Inventory Management for more information.

Asset Management

TME Asset Management integrates barcode and RFID tracking technology to let you easily locate any production asset by serial number. This gives you maximum control over your assets.
TME lets you:

  • Track assets across multiple facilities in multiple locations, even different countries
  • Maintain a comprehensive record of key production equipment, tools, vehicles, HVAC, and more
  • Identify all asset transfers, movements, locations, and any user-specified field

See TME Asset Management for more information.

Maintenance Management & Equipment Utilization

TME MES and CMMS integrate seamlessly for easier equipment management. Equipment availability and capacity can be determined based on real-time data to ensuring equipment is available when needed. 
Maintenance Management and Equipment Utilization facilitates:

  • More efficient scheduling of production resources
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling and work order management
  • Peak equipment performance and detailed information on all equipment

See TME CMMS for more information on maintenance management solutions.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Equipment utilization and plant efficiency data is collected in real-time from multiple applications and points to provide a clear picture of overall equipment effectiveness and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
With OEE, you can:

  • Cut setup and changeover time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve productivity

Quality Control and Product Grading

Product grades and defect codes can be assigned at predetermined stations to aid product quality control and determine yields. Auto-grade function moves all work that passes quality checks to the next step, sent for rework or placed on hold.
Product grading provides:

  • Maximum production uptime
  • Reduction in manufacturing delays
  • Increased equipment utilization


Easily accessed web-based reports provide data on genealogy and traceability, equipment maintenance and utilization, inventory, work orders, cycle times, production yield, and overall production performance.
With these reports, you can:

  • Visualize the effects of equipment or process changes
  • Maximize output levels and product quality
  • Reduce cycle times to increase production

Built-In Alerts and Notification Systems

Real-time text or email notifications alert you to important issues. Awareness about out of specification data, low inventory, equipment downtime and future hold attainment help you keep operations running.
Real-time alerts let you:

  • Prevent out of inventory status
  • Minimize lost production due to equipment downtime
  • Address critical production issues immediately

Contact Management

The TME MES contact manager not only makes it easy to organize your contacts but also lets you manage maintenance contracts more accurately. Track suppliers, vendors, personnel, repair contractors and emergency contacts from one location.
This module lets you:

  • Track equipment repair response
  • Receive automatic vendor notifications for equipment repair
  • Send email alerts to maintenance personnel,  managers and more

Electronic Document Manager

The electronic document manager provides a centralized platform for the management of critical documentation. Get fast, easy access to ISO/QS/FDA requirements, equipment and training manuals, schedules, procedures, maintenance records and more.
With electronic document management you can:

  • Facilitate maintenance or training with easy access to information
  • Upload virtually any file type including videos and images
  • Simplify regulatory compliance



Adherence to all industry regulations is a must for your business. TME MES supports industry standardization for manufacturing and process compliance (i.e., ISO/QS/FDA etc.).
With TME MES, you can:

  • Electronically upload any requirements or regulations to the document manager
  • Provide all personnel with fast, easy access to critical data
  • Reduce compliance issues

Integrates Barcode Technology (i.e. RFID, UID, 2D) and Laser or Inkjet Marking

Fixed mount or handheld barcode scanning of lots, stations, raw materials, serial numbers and assets facilitates instant entry into MES. This reduces manual data entry errors and improves traceability.
The integrated barcode technology gives you the:

  • Ability to mark directly on substrates, dies or carriers
  • Choice printing in 2D and/or human readable formats
  • Option for laser or inkjet marking of serial numbers

Interfaces with 3rd party, External systems

MES integrates with supply chain management and ERP systems such as SAP, MAS, and SYSPRO. Import or export of data from third-party programs such as Excel can save hours of manual input.
Integrated interfacing provides:

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduced time required from your personnel
  • More robust information for better business decision making

Cloud-Based Software

The TME system leverages cloud technology to securely access vital information from any computer or mobile device via a standard web browser.
The cloud-based structure:

  • Eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure
  • Delivers ongoing technology upgrades
  • Provides a secure portal for all information

Mobile/Wireless Compatible

TME is fully compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Access via wireless networks makes it easy for you to get the information you need when you need it.
TME’s mobile and wireless compatibility let you:

  • Improve repair response time
  • Relay critical asset information when needed
  • Streamline maintenance, inspection, repair and overall procedures

24/7 Customer Service & Support

TME’s software solution provides robust functionality that works for you 24/7. In addition, our customer service and support works for you 24/7.
With TME, you can count on:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Live, qualified technicians
  • Timely and effective support
  • Detect defects and errors before they occur and improve quality control

  • Reduce waste, scrap, rework and increase cost-savings

  • Reduce cycle time and time-to-market

  • Move from reactive mode to a preventive and proactive maintenance program

  • Increase equipment lifecycle, utilization, RAM, and OEE

  • Identify root causes of asset downtime, and track equipment for repair and replacement

  • Accurately forecast labor and resources for current and future jobs

  • Track and maintain optimal supply levels for spare parts, replacements, and raw materials

  • Assign tasks to qualified maintenance personnel and track work order status through to completion

  • Increase employee communication, information sharing, and collaboration