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TME Mobile For Asset Management & Inventory Management

Take Your Data On The Go. Make Decisions Anytime, Anywhere

It�s no secret, the world is a mobile place. Smart phones, tablets, laptops: These are the tools of modern business. And in a global economy where a headquarters could be thousands of miles from the production facility, it�s important that meaningful data doesn�t get lost in translation.

That�s why MASS Group has developed a mobile technology suite to support our Asset Management, Inventory Management, Work-In-Process Management and CMMS programs. Our mobile solutions give you the power to track, collect and manage inventory and assets in the palm of your hand from anywhere.

Compatibility & Use

Right now, our TME Mobile is compatible with all Windows-based mobile devices, such as handhelds, tablet PCs, rugged PDAs, laptops and smartphones. From your mobile device, you will be able to:

  • Improve repair response times.
  • Provide critical asset information in real time for maintenance, inspection, repair, overhauls and procedures.
  • Complete work orders.
  • Access and Provide up-to-the-minute stats updates.
  • Barcode and RFID enabled

You will also be able to:

  • Easily document / track raw materials through WIP to the final product.
  • Report the number of downtime/uptime hours on a production line.
  • Track repairs, calibrations and preventative maintenance (PMs).
  • Keep track of maintenance costs, like labor and spare parts.
  • Conduct an annual inventory of your assets.
  • Receive inventory from a staging or docking area.
  • Analyze time spent maintaining equipment, resulting in reduced unscheduled downtime.
  • Maintain centrally located, easily accessible records of repairs, work orders and repair histories.
  • Operate in real time or batch mode.

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Managing your assets, equipment and facilities from anywhere in the world just got a lot easier. If you would like to supplement your Asset Management, Inventory Management, CMMS or WIP management systems with mobile tracking and reporting, contact us today. Our experts are always here to assist you.


Create and maintain an accurate inventory of parts, raw materials, components needed to complete an end product. Users can also build and maintain a bill of materials (BOM), track supply and consumption levels and ensure that the right materials are available at all times.

Receiving Against a PO

TME Mobile gives you a fast, accurate and effective solution to receive thousands of raw materials and parts from multiple suppliers. Warehouse personnel can receive items against a purchase order (PO), assign batch or lot numbers and put away inventory to a unique location in your warehouse. TME Mobile also has powerful functionality that allows you to track critical information on received items such as the temperature and cleanliness of the trailer it was shipped in, as well as any other vital attributes.


Quickly track all your valuable assets, equipment, tools, vehicles and furniture and stop wasting time searching for missing or lost assets. TME Mobile captures vital data about each asset including meter readings, moves/transfers, and location. TME Mobile enables asset reconciliation to verify that your physical asset inventory corresponds to your fixed asset database.

Work Orders

Start, process and close Work Orders for repairs, calibrations and PMs while onsite with the equipment. TME Mobile allows you to consume inventory, log hours, put in comments, and update the uptime/downtime status of the Asset within a Work Order. Technicians can easily view Work Orders assigned to them or for a particular piece of equipment and prioritize work accordingly.

Barcode Technology

TME Mobile supports the latest in barcode technology to speed data entry, ensure accuracy, and eliminate error. 1D, 2D, vision systems, and RFID labels or inventory and assets can be scanned for instant entry into TME via fixed mount or hand held scanners.

Integrates with 3rd Party Systems

Integrates with 3rd party applications such as ERP, SYSPRO, EAM and CMMS systems, furthering the accessibility and comprehensiveness of data. TME Mobile can operate in real-time and batch mode.

  • Easily document/track raw materials through WIP to final product

  • Report the number of downtime/uptime hours on a production line

  • Track repairs, calibration, preventative maintenance (PMs)

  • Keep track of maintenance costs such as labor and spare parts

  • Conduct an annual inventory of your assets

  • Receive inventory from a staging or docking area

  • Analyze time spent maintaining equipment and as a result be able to reduce unscheduled downtime

  • Maintain centrally located, accessible records of repair, work orders, and repair histories

  • Functions in real-time or batch mode