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TME Quality

TME Quality provides Statistical Process Control -- a definable process to achieve consistent high quality output with minimal waste. TME Quality uses proven algorithms to conduct real-time quality analysis to help shop-floor personnel minimize defects and errors before they occur. The result is a significant reduction in waste, scrap, cycle times, rework, and costs.

All processes are strictly monitored to ensure compliance within control limits.  Out of control items can trigger work orders to keep any equipment in spec.  Non-compliance can trigger notifications and can put out-of-spec lots on hold, helping to improve first pass yields, minimize variability, failures, and increase production throughput.

TME Quality provides early detection and prevention of problems, minimizing the potential for product recalls and negative brand exposure. With TME Quality, manufacturers can take proactive measures to prevent errors and continuously improve upon manufacturing processes.

Benefits include:

  • Improve quality and consistency
  • Improve first pass yields
  • Reduce waste, scrap, rework
  • Identify failed components to spur corrective action
  • Increase compliance
  • Minimize product recalls and brand exposure
  • Rapid response and identification of defective or contaminated products through traceability and genealogy
  • Save time and money spent shipping defective products