4 Ways California Government Agencies Save Money

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4 Ways California Government Agencies Save Money

4 Ways California Government Agencies Save Money

California government agencies face increasing challenges tracking and maintaining assets as COVID-19 continues to strain labor and budgets. In this post, we break down how asset management software can help.

#1. CMAS Approved Contractors

These government agencies don’t have to conduct a contractor bidding process for deals under $10,000. By avoiding protracted bidding processes and implementing right asset management software, agencies can save a significant amount of time and money.

To qualify for this opportunity, the contract must meet two requirements:

  • the deal must be with a contractor approved by the California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) Program; and
  • the contract has to be under the required threshold of $10,000.

Qualifying for these requirements is simple. CMAS has a publicly available list of approved contractors from which to select and CMAS contractors like MASS Group are able to put together an asset management software for you to track essential assets for under $10,000.

#2. Equipment Loss Prevention

Assets and equipment represent a significant investment for California government agencies. Municipalities, schools, law enforcement and public works employees all rely on access to proper equipment to do their jobs. Losing just one asset could have a significant financial impact.

Mobile assets are especially easy to lose, as they can be moved between departments or even out of the facility by an employee or visitor.

With RFID integrations and reader portals placed in strategic locations, you can be alerted when assets are moved outside designated areas of use. An expensive generator or computer can no longer walk out the door undetected.

This ensures assets are properly accounted for throughout the year and minimizes the likelihood of needing a comprehensive search.

#3. Streamlined Preventative Maintenance

Operational efficiency depends heavily on an agency’s ability to properly utilize and maintain its essential assets.

Asset management software lets you accelerate and streamline the process of maintaining equipment—by not only tracking its location but also automatically generating work orders on a schedule.  Maintenance personnel will be able to set the work for the day, week, and month.  Unexpected service and repair requests get documented into the system as well. 

As work is completed, a full history and lifecycle of the assets and equipment can be reported.  Decisions to repair and replace can be made based on data such as downtime and costs.

#4. Reduced Labor Costs

How much of your department’s resources are wasted looking for equipment? For most agencies, the number is significant.

With RFID, staff can walk into rooms with an RFID reader in hand and capture asset data with the pull of a trigger. This eliminates the labor involved in trying to identify the assets by reading a label. This also eliminates errors created in transcription and provides more accurate data for financial records.


Asset tracking represents both a significant challenge and opportunity for these California government agencies. With the right tools in place, the right asset management solution, your department can cut costs and spend less time searching for the assets you rely on every day.