Automotive Company Uses RFID to Meet Compliance Requirements


Automotive Company Uses RFID to Meet Compliance Requirements


A U.S. based automotive manufacturer with operations in Mexico wanted to have more accurate traceability and genealogy capabilities across its production processes to satisfy regulatory requirements under the TREAD Act.  The automotive company uses RFID to improve the accuracy and magnitude of its traceability and genealogy capabilities, they wanted a system that integrated with both RFID and barcode technologies.

The Process

Combined with passive RFID tags to uniquely identify each vehicle frame with barcode technology affixed to all major components, MASS Group’s TME® RFID Asset Tracking System was implemented to provide the Automotive OEM with full visibility to the location of each vehicle frame and its associated genealogy record.  With improved traceability and genealogy, the OEM was better positioned to fulfill federal mandated requirements should a potential recall occur.  Additionally, with better production visibility, the Company was able to improve its WIP and supply chain management.

The Results

As a result of implementing the TME® RFID Asset Tracking System, the Automotive OEM has an automated process to easily satisfy reporting requirements under the Federal mandated TREAD Act and better visibility to improve inventory turns and meet customer lead times.