Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense manufacturers face growing pressure to quickly deliver sophisticated products that comply with increasingly stringent commercial and governmental regulations across a very complex and vast supply chain while trying to reduce costs. With TME, manufacturers can track and monitor all components, raw materials, equipment and tools to ensure compliance to the highest quality, security and performance guidelines at each step in the manufacturing process. By giving you deep visibility into all your operations, TME can help you improve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, quality output and cost-savings.
TME can also be combined with barcode and RFID technologies to capture data collection points of essential information you need to make better and more informed decisions. Valuable information related to virtually anything including equipment performance, history, work order status or inventory serial numbers, batch numbers and product SKUs in a flash can be readily accessed anytime, anywhere, anyhow. At all times, you can know exactly who did what, where and when.


In today’s automotive industry, manufacturers are pressured to achieve maximum efficiency in order to stay competitive in the global market. Ensuring the highest quality is a key component of automotive manufacturing where parts are stressed and used in commercial fleets and consumer automobiles for extended periods of up to 10 years. Quality, reliability, and full traceability are therefore paramount.
TME’s integrated MES, CMMS and SPC solutions enable you to maintain consistent quality levels, reduce defects and increase equipment utilization. Minute-by-minute detailed data is captured at every control point delivering comprehensive traceability reports, statistical analysis and deep visibility into production performance. TME equips you with the vital data you need to boost production efficiency, minimize defects, and increase cost-savings.


Global competition is challenging electronics manufacturers to deliver cutting-edge technology faster and cheaper than ever before. Customer expectations are rising and industry standards and regulations are increasingly stringent. TME helps you to quickly deliver high quality goods with shorter time-to market, ensure compliance to domestic and international regulations and limit costs carried with warranty claims and recalls.

TME delivers simple, powerful solutions for complex manufacturing. You can track all components or devices throughout the supply chain process, record telemetric data such as temperature and humidity during handling, ensure precise equipment calibration and compliance to both industry and government imposed regulations.


Smaller, better, faster, and cheaper are just some of the demands that you must meet as a semiconductor manufacturer. Tapid advances in technologies, extreme tolerances in clean-room environments and a fiercely competitive global marketplace leave little room for error on your part. TME® gives you a fully integrated suite of web-based software that make it easier than ever for your operations to stand up to the rigors and challenges of today’s semiconductor industry. You can track data for every aspect of the production process, and even identify the date and time that a particular item was added or amended. Notifications let you stay ahead of outages and other problems that can lead to costly downtime. TME helps you increase cost savings, shorten time to market and improve yield and quality.

From its inception, TME has been designed and built to support the SEMI-E10 standards. This not only allows users to see the entire history of an assets uptime and downtime, but also allows for quick and easy access to all the calculations used in the semiconductor world. TME includes all of the Reliability,
Availability and Maintainability (RAM) KPIs such as:

 Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
 Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF)
 Equipment Dependent Uptime
 Supplier Dependent Uptime
 Operational Uptime
 Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
 Mean Time off-line (MTOL)
 Equipment Dependent Scheduled Downtime
 Supplier Dependent Scheduled Downtime
 Operational Utilization
 Total Utilization

Extending on the SEMI standards, users can also take advantage TME’s ability to incorporate SEMI-E79 which focuses on equipment productivity. These KPIs include:

 Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
 Availability Efficiency
 Performance Efficiency
 Operational Efficiency
 Rate Efficiency

The TME solution gives you what you need to deliver compliant, exact and affordable products. It helps
you improve your time to market and reduce costs, keeping your business vital and competitive.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication companies face multiple challenges both internally and externally which require new tools, greater visibility, and manufacturing intelligence. Fluctuating commodity prices, increased customer expectations, and global competition have created higher barriers externally. Internally, legacy systems, lack of production intelligence and an aging workforce have created obstacles to operating effectively and efficiently.  TME® for METAL FABRICATION can solve your struggles with data collection, manufacturing intelligence, supply chain/WIP tracking, production scheduling, manufacturing performance, and quality.

TME®’s all encompassing software suite will enable you to gain deeper insights in your operations, achieve higher performance from your assets, and be more responsive to address the evolving needs of your customers.  With its fully integrated production management, genealogy and traceability capabilities, production scheduling, SPC, and equipment maintenance management capabilities, TME® for METAL FABRICATION will provide you with 24×7, real time visibility to your manufacturing operations and provide you with the right KPIs to make more informed, fact-based decisions which will result in improved productivity and yield while reducing waste and equipment downtime.


Entertainment companies continually face the increasing challenge of being able to track, reconcile, and account for their most prized possessions as new content is created for the general public to enjoy. Although technologically advanced in some facets, this multi-trillion dollar industry has been slow to digitize and automate simple daily procedures and processes like checking in and checking out creative content. With TME, Entertainment companies can utilize a comprehensive RFID solution to track its assets and help maintain asset security.

TME’s comprehensive approach will enable Entertainment companies to accurately capture asset movement and location in real-time. The system will track all assets by serial number, location, date, owner, and any user-defined attribute. Managers will be able to pinpoint RFID-tagged assets and receive timely email alerts and reports regarding asset status and location. Digitalization of the process using MASS Group’s TME Software platform will allow the Entertainment companies to better track, manage, and control its creative content as well as reduce any unnecessary time and costs that could be spent locating or reconciling the asset.

Food & Beverage

Food manufacturers are required by the newly enacted Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to digitally maintain food product traceability so that the FDA can swiftly respond to any outbreak of foodborne illness. TME MES provides a proven solution to track and trace the processing and distribution of food – from farm to final destination. With its fully integrated production management, genealogy and traceability capabilities, TME tracks the processing of food from the receipt
of ingredients to its sale to its final destination for safety, quality, and compliance. TME can also be used to track the packaging and distribution of food crops and finished goods to retailers.

With TME’s comprehensive traceability and genealogy solution in place, food manufacturers can identify a risk and trace it back to its source in order to quickly isolate the problem and prevent contaminated products from reaching customers. TME can also be used to find products that have already been distributed in case of a necessary recall.

Government & Public Sector

Administrative and Operation personnel from government and public service agencies are constantly faced with the challenge of being able to track, reconcile, and maintain their assets and equipment in an effort to operate and maintain an efficient, well run, and secure facility. Too much time and money are wasted each year due to the lack of accessibility and visibility to vital information on these assets and equipment. The impact could be costly, and even detrimental, and lead to Organizations not being able to achieve peak operating performance which could potentially result in a disruption or poor level of service provided to  customers and local community.

In order to properly control, track, and maintain your assets and equipment and avoid any unnecessary cash outlays, TME delivers a comprehensive system that spans all facets. TME allows you to locate your assets anytime, anywhere, and anyhow, and also enables you to capture valuable data about each asset in order to achieve optimum performance and avoid unplanned downtime. Additionally, barcode and RFID scanning features provide data collection points that capture the essential information you need to make more informed decisions. Administrators and Operators will be able to locate data about virtually anything including asset location, history, current status, serial number, etc. in a flash. You can know exactly who did what, where and when.

MASS Group has over two decades of experience as a trusted advisor and business partner to several vertical industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductor, Energy, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, and Government & Public Sector. With our industry leadership, extensive domain expertise, and our TME Asset Management Software, we can assist you in transforming your business and operations for future success.

Utilizing our flagship software product called Traceability Made Easy (TME), we can help elevate the performance and productivity of your people, processes, and assets to the next level. Given our extensive experience in selling and deploying hundreds of systems to serve over tens of thousands of users, we have built a solid foundation and intimate understanding of your unique business needs.

Our software solutions are designed specifically for your industry with the goal of maximizing return on your investment while simultaneously minimizing business disruption and risk of adoption. Today, TME is being used successfully by several well-known and highly regarded companies who are considered thought leaders and forerunners in their respective vertical industry segments. The TME Software Suite can be deployed in its entirety to cover the full life cycle of your products or added individually by application as your Organization’s needs grow and expand.

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