iTrace Technologies Inc. and MASS Group Announce a Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Supply Chain Security

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iTrace Technologies Inc. and MASS Group Announce a Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Supply Chain Security

A Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Supply Chain Security

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. dba MASS Group and iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain security applications for anti grey market and anti-counterfeit, announced today a partnership to deliver end to end trackability of products and assets with enhanced security and visibility through the joint application of iTRACE 2DMI® and TME®.

iTRACE is helping global brands fight the issues of counterfeit, grey market, diversion and production overrun of their products with 2DMI® supply chain security.  The integration of iTRACE 2DMI® and Traceability Made Easy® (TME®) from the MASS Group allows clients to leverage the enhanced security control and visibility of iTRACE 2DMI with the comprehensive traceability systems provided by TME.

“We see the tremendous value that TME® users get from having their traceability data delivered through the TME® platform” said iTRACE Founder and CEO Mark Manning. “By integrating iTRACE 2DMI® into this application TME® users will now be able to benefit from enhanced supply chain security preventing production overrun, warranty fraud and counterfeit with total end-to-end visibility into the production and distribution processes.”

TME® is a 100% web based, innovative software solution that provides customers with flexibility to run a host of mission critical applications including Asset Management, Asset Tracking & Genealogy, Inventory/Warehouse/Spare Parts Management, Maintenance & Work Order Management, MES/MOM, and Quality Management from a unified, integrated suite.  TME® allows customers to deploy the software either modularly or in total, and via multi-tenant or multi-instant architectures.  The integration of RFID and barcode technologies combined with TME® enhances asset tracking and overall system performance.

“Today’s supply chains more than ever require end-to-end security and visibility to enable product track, trace and authentication.” said Gamal Balady, President of MASS Group. “iTRACE 2DMI® is the most secure and flexible application that we have seen for supply chain security and product authentication, and we are excited to add this new product and production security capability to the suite of TME® features.”

The integration of iTRACE 2DMI® with TME® creates a full suite of security and visibility applications for today’s supply chain that are easy to deploy and manage. By securing the manufacturing of products or components, companies and brands can effectively identify and prevent production overrun, grey market trading or diversion and fight counterfeit and warranty fraud of their products.

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. dba MASS Group is a software company providing full lifecycle capability to track, manage, and maintain an organization’s assets, equipment, and inventory.  For over 20 years, MASS Group has worked with hundreds of organizations that include Fortune 1,000 companies, privately held businesses, government agencies, and public sector & non-profit entities.  In 2012, MASS Group became a certified GSA Information Technology Vendor.  For more information please visit

iTRACE Technologies is a Silicon Valley California company that specializes in supply chain security, brand protection and product security. Our unique patented technology enables our customers to use 2 Factor Product Authentication (2FA) to secure their brands, prevent diversion, cut-off the grey market supply, and easily identify counterfeiting through blockchain connected applications.

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