Leading Film Studio Taps MASS Group for RFID Tracking System

Multimedia Assets

Leading Film Studio Taps MASS Group for RFID Tracking System


One of the world’s largest multi-media entertainment companies needed a solution to track and maintain asset security for all its physical digital content. The Customer wanted a system that would accurately capture asset location and movement in real-time. In addition, the Customer wanted to track all the assets by serial number, date, owner, and any user-defined attribute. To satisfy monthly audit requirements, they also needed a system with the flexibility to create and generate customized reports for Management and outside auditors.

The Process

Using TME® RFID Asset Tracking Software, MASS Group installed an integrated traceability solution to provide 24×7 visibility to the Company’s most valuable physical digital content.  With TME®’s built in configuration tools, MASS Group was able to easily integrate the System with RFID technologies which were installed across multiple facilities.  With the newly implemented TME® System, the Customer was able to pinpoint all RFID-tagged assets and receive email alerts related to any issues and/or anomalies.  In addition, the Customer was able to utilize TME®’s robust reporting capabilities to receive regularly scheduled reports regarding the status, location, chain of custody, and any transactions taken against each asset as well as satisfy monthly inventory audits.

The Results

As a result of implementing TME® RFID Asset Tracking, the Customer realized a tremendous increase in productivity and accuracy by automating their asset tracking and reconciliations processes.  In addition, they experienced a significant reduction in the number of incidences and time spent trying to locate assets that were either misplaced, returned to the wrong location, or unaccounted for.