Leading Film Studio Taps MASS Group for RFID Tracking System

Multimedia Assets

Leading Film Studio Taps MASS Group for RFID Tracking System


One of the world’s largest multi-media entertainment companies needed a solution to track and maintain asset security of all its digital content. The customer wanted a system that would accurately capture asset movement and location in real-time. In addition, the customer wanted to track all assets by serial number, location, date, owner, and any user-defined attribute. The customer also wanted to be able to pinpoint RFID-tagged assets and receive timely email alerts and reports regarding asset status and location. Finally, for monthly inventory audits, the customer wanted robust reporting capabilities to provide customized reports to management.

The Process

So the multi-media company contacted MASS Group to address these issues. MASS Group developed an integrated traceability solution using TME® RFID Asset Management. This software platform uses mobile handhelds, RFID tags, and RFID portals located throughout the various facilities.

MASS Group provided its commercial off the shelf (COTS) TME® solution, which is already configured to be easily integrated with RFID technologies and handheld devices. To implement the solution, MASS Group provided its trademarked implementation process and methodologies which includes pre-configured templates that enable much quicker importation of data, system set-up, and start-up.

The Results

After the project was completed, the customer experienced increased productivity as a result of digitizing manual processes. They also experienced a reduced incidence of theft and/or loss, as well as improved accuracy of data collection and reporting.