Leading U.S. Supplier Implements TME® MES Semiconductor Suite

Leading U.S. Supplier Implements TME® MES Semiconductor Suite


Leading U.S. semiconductor provider looking for a cloud based, comprehensive MES system built to meet SEMI E-10 standards to rollout and standardize on across its various manufacturing operations.  Looking to maximize productivity, optimize its resources and effect a cultural change of promoting best practices and accountability through the implementation of a MES system.  Integration with existing PLC, SCADA, and ERP infrastructure critical in final selection of MES provider.


Utilizing TME®’s out-of-the-box MES, the semiconductor company was able to successfully implement a manufacturing execution system that was specifically designed for its industry and capable of providing the real-time data needed to improve all facets of their manufacturing operation which included fabrication, component assembly, module and system build, and testing.  With TME®, manual processes and data collection were now automated and digitized which allowed for greater control and management of raw materials, work-in-process (WIP), finished goods, dispatching, equipment, processes, yield, quality and statistical process control.  Additionally, with TME®’s robust reporting capabilities and pre-canned reporting templates, Management was now able to make fact-based decisions to optimize its manufacturing operations, increase yield and quality, and hold people accountable.   Further, given that TME® has built in configuration tools and allows for code free configuration, the system was able to integrate with the semiconductor company’s existing PLC, SCADA and ERP infrastructure.


Benefits included 5% increase in yield, 7% less scrap or rework, and a much more unified culture which resulted in better serving the customer through improved lead times, new business, and high satisfaction levels.