Manufacturing Execution Software


Manufacturing Execution Software Solutions for Increased Efficiency & Productivity

TME Manufacturing Execution Software is a single, cost-effective platform that enables your business to consolidate complex data while simultaneously coordinating manufacturing processes, equipment and personnel.  Plant managers and floor managers gain access to high-level operational data to make real time decisions that impact efficiency and the bottom line. MASS Group’s Traceability Made Easy Manufacturing Execution Software solution is the key to complete operational control and visibility. No matter the size of the company – small, local business to enterprise manufacturing plant, this open-architecture, web-based solution can be scaled and customized to meet the organization’s needs. Now shop floor personnel, managers and executives can access the same information in real time.

  • Track, trace and manage production Work in Process (WIP) with an electronic traveler
  • Optimize production scheduling
  • Manage route control with built in flexibility and conditional logic (without scripting!)
  • Obtain at-a-glance WIP data, status and product/materials genealogy
  • Incorporate equipment utilization and status to determine equipment availability
  • Monitor quality control using data collection and Statistical Process Control (SPC); detect errors as they occur and take corrective action in real-time
  • Set up certification requirements for personnel to operate equipment or process WIP
  • Analyze scrap levels to reduce waste, improve processes and increase cost-savings
  • Report efficiency gains in all aspects of production
  • Set up alerts and notifications triggered by out of spec equipment or product, start of processes and/or operations, completion of WIP, work order place on hold, etc.
  • Utilize barcode technology to quickly and accurately collect data, process product through WIP and maintain control of materials


  • Production Schedule Viewer
  • Rule-Based Flexible Routing
  • Resource Allocation, Recipe Management, Labor Efficiency
  • Electronic Traveler
  • Data Collection
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC/SQC)


  • Detect defects and errors before they occur and improve quality control
  • Reduce waste, scrap, rework and increase cost-savings
  • Reduce cycle time and time-to-market
  • Move from reactive mode to a preventive and proactive maintenance program
  • Increase equipment lifecycle, utilization, RAM, and OEE