Software Engineering, Consulting and Hardware Services

MASS Group specializes in bringing you cost-effective, engineering services for a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes. Such services include software engineering, consulting and hardware services. Our goal is to simplify the process of evaluating, buying and implementing manufacturing software applications and tools.

Our range of services include software engineering, consulting, software and hardware implementation, upgrades or complete systems designed for the most demanding manufacturing environments. Whether you require customized features, solutions or extended on-site training, we work with you from the beginning to understand and meet your individual business needs.

Our team of highly skilled engineers have an expert understanding of what is required to improve product quality, time-to-market, reduce waste, costs, and increase customer satisfaction. By partnering with MASS Group, companies can consistently realize efficiencies, ROI, and increase the quality of operations necessary to grow and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Systems Planning, Design & Integration
Software Applications Development
Project Management Support
Controls Design and Implementation
Support & Maintenance
Report Development
Complete Software & Hardware Installation/Configuration
Software & Systems Training

If you are a new customer or would like to upgrade an existing system, please feel free to call our support services department.

Technical Support

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Fax: (818) 709-1468