TME® MES Take On Challenge & Delivers

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TME® MES Take On Challenge & Delivers

The Challenge

Leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test services reached out to MASS to streamline its assembly and packaging operations and improve QA and product testing procedures. Managed through spreadsheets and manual processes, the company was looking to implement a MES. Given the cultural transformation the organization would be going through in moving from reams of paper to real-time digital data, they wanted a modularly architected software suite with pre-configured solutions, code free configuration tools, and responsive web interfaces. In addition, as the scale of their rollout was still in flux, they wanted the flexibility to rollout either through multi-tenant or multi-instant architectures.

The Solution

Utilizing TME®, the semiconductor contractor was able to replace its complex web of spreadsheets and manual processes with a fully comprehensive software suite to better manage its high volume, complex assembly, testing, and packaging operations. TME® MES and Quality Management modules enabled the contractor to obtain serial number traceability of its components, subassemblies, and systems; WIP management; production management; and SPC & SQC capabilities for improved product quality. With greater visibility of its operations from a fully integrated and unified system providing real-time data, 24×7, the company was able to increase productivity while simultaneously improving customer service.

The Results

Benefits included a much more agile, flexible and comprehensive system that enabled the company to better manage scheduling changes, product mix changes, increases in system complexity, and the entire supply chain. Results yielded a 7% increase in productivity, 10% reduced time in product changeovers, and 8% reduction in lead times.