Clean Energy Company Improves Vehicle Fleet Management and Security Access with TME® RFID Asset Tracking


Clean Energy Company Improves Vehicle Fleet Management and Security Access with TME® RFID Asset Tracking


Given double-digit growth, a renewable natural gas company was increasingly challenged in managing their expanding fleet of fuel trucks.  Not only did they want a system that would automate the tracking and management of their entire fleet, but they wanted the system to improve vehicle security access by matching each driver and his/her ID badge with their assigned truck.  Additionally, they wanted to make sure that each of the Company’s fuel dispensaries allowed fulfillment to only those drivers and trucks that had authorization.

The Solution

To solve these challenges, the Company chose MASS Group’s TME® RFID Asset Tracking System.  Given that they wanted a reliable, proven, commercial off the shelf system which offered the flexibility to integrate the data with their existing system, TME® was selected given its built in configuration tools and ability to interface easily with 3rd party complementary systems.  Further, given that MASS Group has a well-defined and comprehensive implementation process that would enable them to install the System at half the cost and time of comparable systems, TME® was selected and combined with passive RFID tags.

The Results

With TME®, the Company was able to have a full visibility and transparency to track and manage its entire fleet which enabled greater asset utilization and efficiency. In addition, TME® provided the access security needed to ensure that all drivers were matched with their assigned vehicles and each vehicle was only refilled if authorized.  As a result of automating the entire process, the Company realized a significant increase in asset productivity and benefitted by reducing labor costs.

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