TME’s Traceability Helps State Department of Corrections Save Money and Increase Productivity

TME’s Traceability Helps State Department of Corrections Save Money and Increase Productivity


A State Department of Corrections was looking for a software that provided both inmate traceability and reconciliation capabilities.  In addition, given the level of manual processes used previously and criticality of data required, they wanted a fully automated system which minimized the amount of human effort and error.  Therefore, RFID, blue tooth scanners, and military grade tags were used in conjunction with the software.  Additionally, they wanted a system that could provide robust reporting capabilities which would satisfy routine, mandatory audits.

The Solution

MASS Group’s Traceability Made Easy (TME) RFID software solution provided the Department of Corrections with the ability to track the location and account for the whereabouts of its inmates to meet a legal requirement and ensure proper record keeping for routine, mandatory audits.  The Department of Corrections needed to keep accurate and thorough records which insured that the rights of their inmates are not being violated.  Given that previous practices were done manually which led to many instances of inaccuracies and non-compliance issues, they were looking for a software system that provided complete traceability and accountability of their inmates.  Additionally, they wanted to limit the amount of human effort in keying and gathering data so RFID and barcode technologies were used and integrated with TME.  In addition to the RFID software solution, MASS Group provided the implementation services to install the system, training for all system administrators and users, and currently provides ongoing support services.

MASS Group provided its commercial off the shelf (COTS) TME solution which is already configured to be easily integrated with RFID technologies, barcode scanners, and handheld devices

To implement the solution, MASS Group provided its trademarked implementation process and methodologies which includes pre-configured templates that enable much quicker importation of data, system set-up, and start-up.

The Results

The Department of Corrections experienced an increase of productivity as a result of digitizing manual processes, lowered costs via reduced headcount, and the ability to more easily satisfy legal and audit requirements.