Traceability Made Easy Software

Traceability Made Easy Software

Traceability Made Easy Software from MASS Group is an end to end maintenance management solution that was developed to assist managers with monitoring equipment performance levels. It’s designed for companies that operate in high production environments that need to manage work orders, track inventory, schedule routine maintenance, and generate reports on equipment.

Information in TME is updated in real-time, so users on the floor always have access to equipment performance data. Managers can assign tasks to maintenance personnel through the system and then order status updates via email or text message while a work order is followed to completion. TME records total time spent on repairs and identifies overdue maintenance tasks. It also comes with a built-in contact manager to store support numbers and contact information for employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers.

Traceability Made Easy offers multiple deployment methods. It is geared towards mid-size companies in industries like aerospace, automotive, high tech, and manufacturing.

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