World’s Largest Supplier to the Semiconductor Industry Standardizes on TME®

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World’s Largest Supplier to the Semiconductor Industry Standardizes on TME®

The Challenge

One of the world’s largest equipment suppliers to the semiconductor industry was looking for a cloud-based CMMS/EAM solution to improve their equipment reliability and uptime given production losses due to too much unplanned downtime. Given the use of manual data collection and a web of complex spreadsheets to manage their assets and preventative maintenance procedures, they were looking for a modular system that would be flexible enough to expand with their growing needs as they rolled out the system globally and provided the capabilities to adapt the system to their unique needs. Must have features included a 100 percent cloud based modular system, pre-configured solutions, built in configuration tools for growth and add-ons, responsive web interface, and the ability to manage and track executables such as work orders, inventory, and requisitions for spare parts.

The Solution

Utilizing MASS Group’s TME® CMMS/EAM software, the semiconductor equipment supplier was able to automate and digitize the management of its production assets and its underlying maintenance procedures. Manual data collection and complex spreadsheets which included the full chronology of each production asset were replaced with paperless reports and dashboards that provided visibility to real time data and KPIs. All facets of maintenance were digitized and automated which reduced time, effort and labor required. Given that the focus shifted from reactive to proactive asset management and maintenance, production increased by 12% which resulted in improved customer lead times, increased customer demand, and increased revenue.

The Results

Benefits included 15% less unplanned downtime which resulted in a 12% increase in throughput, improved customer lead times, and increased revenue.