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Comprehensive Suite

TME® is a comprehensive software suite that spans the full lifecycle of a product, and includes applications related to MES/MOM, EAM, CMMS, RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory & Warehouse Management, and Quality which can be delivered to Customers in total or modularly given the flexibility of TME’s architecture.

Rapid Deployment

Given that TME® has built in configuration tools and doesn’t require extensive programming or scripting, we can get the customer up and running without engaging excessive and costly development resources.  As a result, the total cost of ownership of a TME® system is typically at least 50% lower than competitive offerings due to its out of the box functionality.

Experienced Professionals

TME® is backed by a highly dedicated and cross-discipline team of professionals with over 75 years of industrial & electrical engineering and computer science & information technology experience.  As a certified GSA information technology vendor, many of our personnel have top secret security clearance to work on classified projects.

Satisfied Customers

About MASS Group

MASS Group

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. dba MASS Group Inc. is a privately owned company based in Los Angeles, California that continues to experience growth in serving a broad array of customers in key markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductor, Entertainment, Energy, and Food & Beverage.  Established in 1998 originally as a software distributor, the company evolved over the years to developing, selling, and supporting its own software suite called Traceability Made Easy® (TME®).  Today, the Company serves primarily Fortune 1,000 companies and U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies.  In 2012, the company became a certified GSA information technology vendor with personnel that possess top secret clearance to work on classified projects with the U.S. intelligence community.


TME® is an innovative, cloud-based software solution that provides customers with the flexibility to run a host of mission critical applications such as Asset Management & Reconciliation, Tracking & Genealogy, Inventory/Warehouse/Spare Parts Management, Maintenance Management, Work Order Management, MES/MOM, and Quality Management from a unified, integrated suite.  To better serve our customers, TME® has been architected to include functionality specified in both the ISA-95 and MESA Models for MES/MOM applications.  Additionally, TME® has been constructed to allow customers to deploy the software either modularly or in total and via multi-tenant or multi-instant architectures.  RFID and barcode technologies can be easily combined with TME® to enhance system performance.

Looking Ahead

Today, MASS Group provides a comprehensive software suite which includes all the functionality needed for customers to track, manage and maintain their most valued assets.  TME® is a powerful enough platform to service your most critical needs and manage the full lifecycle of your products.  Going forward, MASS Group is committed to enhancing TME®’s user experience and functionality with greater emphasis in expanding its data analytic and AI capabilities.