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TME is a comprehensive software suite that spans the full lifecycle of a product, and includes applications related to MES, EAM, CMMS, RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory & Warehouse Management, and Quality which can be delivered to Customers in total or modularly given the flexibility of TME’s architecture.

TME can be easily deployed in 30-60 days using our successfully proven implementation methodologies and robust library of implementation tools. Given that TME has built in configuration tools and doesn’t require extensive programming or scripting, we can get the Customer’s system up and running quicker.

TME is backed by a highly dedicated and experienced Team of professionals, some who have top secret government security clearance.

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About MASS Group

MASS Group

MASS Group Inc. is a privately owned company based in Los Angeles, California that continues to experience growth in serving a broad array of Customers in key markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductor, Entertainment, Energy, and Food & Beverage.  Established in 1998 originally as a software distributor, the company evolved over the years to developing its own software called Traceability Made Easy® (TME).


TME was first released in 1999 as one of the industry’s first 100% web-enabled, CMMS and EAM systems. Following the successful launch of TME CMMS and EAM, MASS Group rolled out TME MES, a cost-effective production management system that gives plant personnel end-to-end control and complete visibility over all plant operations.

Looking Ahead

Today, MASS Group provides a comprehensive software suite which includes all the functionality needed for Customers to track, manage and maintain their most valued products. TME is a powerful enough platform to service your most critical needs and manage the full life cycle of your products. Going forward, MASS Group is committed to enhancing the user experience and functionality of TME and making sure that our Customers are successful in achieving their objectives.