Track, Measure, Report

How We Solve Your Organization's Greatest Challenges

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Track, monitor, and control the production process and data flows on the factory floor

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Organize and automate all equipment maintenance and service with one tool

RFID Asset Tracking

Locate and control the movement of your assets using RFID

Inventory & Warehouse Management Systems

Manage inventory and stock availability throughout the entire supply chain

Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)

Manage and locate assets over their life cycle


Ensure high and consistent product quality with reduced defects

Satisfied Customers

How We Ensure Success for Your Organization

Comprehensive Suite

TME® is a comprehensive software suite that spans the full lifecycle of a product, and includes applications related to MES/MOM, EAM, CMMS, RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory & Warehouse Management, and Quality which can be delivered to Customers in total or modularly.

Rapid Deployment

TME® has built in configuration tools and doesn’t require any extensive and costly programming or scripting.  As a result, TME® can be installed at half the cost and time of competitive offerings.

Experienced Professionals

TME® is backed by a highly dedicated and cross-disciplined team of professionals with industrial & electrical engineering and computer science & information technology experience. 

About MASS Group

MASS Group

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. dba MASS Group, Inc. is a software company providing full lifecycle capability to track, manage, and maintain an organization’s assets, equipment, and inventory.  For over 20 years, MASS Group has worked with hundreds of organizations that include Fortune 1,000 companies, privately held businesses, government agencies, and public sector & non-profit entities.  In 2012, MASS Group became a certified GSA Information Technology Vendor.


TME® is a 100% web based, innovative software solution that provides customers with flexibility to run a host of mission critical applications including Asset Management, Asset Tracking & Genealogy, Inventory/Warehouse/Spare Parts Management, Maintenance & Work Order Management, MES/MOM, and Quality Management from a unified, integrated suite.  TME® is constructed to allow customers to deploy the software either modularly or in total, and via multi-tenant or multi-instant architectures.  RFID and barcode technologies can be combined with TME® to enhance asset tracking and overall system performance.

Looking Ahead

Today, MASS Group provides a comprehensive software suite which includes all the functionality needed for customers to track, manage and maintain their most valued assets.  TME® is a powerful enough platform to service your most critical needs and manage the full lifecycle of your products.  Going forward, MASS Group is committed to enhancing TME®’s user experience and functionality with greater emphasis in expanding its data analytic and AI capabilities.