Powering Aerospace and Defense

Discover why TME® is the most trusted manufacturing execution system (MES) for the sophisticated and stringent standards of Aerospace and Defense manufacturing.

Made for Complex Processes

With a long track record of meeting the highest DoD and FAA compliance requirements, TME® for Aerospace and Defense is designed to give you full, secure visibility into your manufacturing processes. Gain access to robust and dynamic work instruction capabilities that can be highly tuned to your current operations and products, and powerful SPC/SQC for quality analysis to consistently meet the most exacting customer standards for made-to-order finished goods.

Stay Ahead of Challenges

Become Truly Data-Driven

Track how your processes are performing organization-wide, and gain the operational insights you need to truly move the needle from your baseline.

Deliver On Time, Every Time

Target problems with materials, equipment, and processes at the exact source using real data to keep your production on schedule.

Compliance Peace of Mind

Make sure you comply with the growing demands of commercial, government, and customer regulations throughout your expansive and intricate supply chains.

See What TME® for Aerospace and Defense Can Do for You

Meet all your Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) KPIs in one place, freeing you to expand your vision for your business.

Real-time Production Tracking and Control

Maintain assets at peak performance levels and utilize equipment effectively with conditional logic to meet high production demands with minimal delays or downtimes.

Quality Management and Customer Compliance

Track how all your processes are performing organization-wide, leverage data collection and statistical process control (SPC) to minimize risk, reduce product recalls, avoid unexpected costs, and avoid negative brand exposure.

Asset and Maintenance Management

Get up-to-the-minute operational data within a single facility or across multiple locations for meaningful maintenance planning and optimized asset performance and reliability, all driven by the highest regulatory standards.

Inventory Management

Complete inventory cycle counts in 50-70% less time, remain in compliance with GAAP and IRS regulations, and gain accurate stockroom reconciliation.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

Provide reports and data needed by all stakeholders to make optimal purchasing, hiring, and procurement decisions.

Compliance and Regulatory Management

Ensure the highest standards of compliance to recipes, process parameters, and overall product specifications to meet the requirements of regulators and customers.
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