Full Accountability, Down to the Last Piece

Control every piece of your inventory with your eyes wide open with MASS Group's comprehensive TME® Warehouse and Inventory Management system (WMS).

Accurate. Efficient. Fast.

Get real-time visibility of your raw materials, spare parts, and finished products to make informed procurement decisions and remain in compliance with GAAP and IRS regulations. Our complete WMS allows you to conduct inventory cycle counts in 50%-70% less time and gain optimal storeroom organization.

Gain the Accountability You Need.

Avoid Costly Production Delays

Get customized alerts and reports when inventory reaches critical levels so you never get stuck with too much or caught with not enough.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Ensure you remain compliant with GAAP and IRS requirements with a fast and accurate way to perform your physical inventory reporting.

Centralize and Control Your Orders

Have a single, centralized platform to create orders and receive items. Ensure your requisition and receiving reporting is accurate, 100% of the time.

Why TME® WMS is Different

Easy to Deploy

Easy to Set Up

No coding, specialized team or equipment required. TME® WMS integrates with your current systems to make them smarter, almost instantly.
Easy to Scale

Easy to Scale

Start with TME® WMS and add modules as you need to get the gold-standard, end-to-end MES for full insight into your operations.

Helping Organizations Reach their Full Potential


Average increase in yield

(alongside other contributions)


Years of experience of successful WMS implementations


Average production increase when going from R&D to full production


Years with Top Secret Security Clearance

Relationships that Stand the Test of Time

Discover why our customers have trusted MASS Group for decades.
Aligent Technologies

“By partnering with companies like MASS Group, we were able to ramp up production from 5,000 to 25,000 parts per month. TME® gives us the ability to manage many aspects of our manufacturing processes by using KPIs to detect and correct in process anomalies quicker, dramatically reducing defect and scrap rate.”

Vice President and Chief Logistics Officer Moxtek, Inc.

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“By far and large, TME® has been very impactful for us. TME® has been very responsive, solutions-oriented, and helpful in getting us up to speed. The level of customer service and experience that was provided to any questions we had or problems we faced has been exceptional.”

Production Manager 3DGS, Inc.

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“The support from you and your team has been excellent. We are already starting to leverage the improved reporting capabilities in TME®. Using spare parts tracking in TME® will significantly improve our ability to track and trend spare parts usage.”

Manufacturing Associate VP Aligent Technologies, Inc.

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“As a longtime customer/user of TME®, our company loves the ease of access and usability of the TME® software. The system is user-friendly, flexible and provides valuable tools for monitoring PMs, service requests and overall monitoring of machine maintenance throughout our operations. The customer service is very versed in any support that may be needed. Using the TME® system has helped our company improve our machine tool uptime through implementation of predictive maintenance as a direct result of metrics generated from TME® reporting tools.”

Project Manager Moog, Inc.

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