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TME Asset Management

Get The Most Value From Your Assets

Our cost-effective software solution is designed to monitor, manage and control your fixed assets, allowing for meaningful planning and optimal performance. Through use of Barcode or RFID technology, you can systematically build and maintain comprehensive records of:

  • Boilerplate information
  • Specification data
  • Maintenance history
  • View performance metrics on:
    • Production Equipment
    • Tools
    • Measurement Equipment
    • Test Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Vehicles
    • Any critcal assets

More On Barcode & RFID

Barcode and RFID tracking technology will allow your facility managers and floor personnel to smoothly track thousands of assets across multiple locations, including storerooms, buildings, and remote locations. Track assets in multiple categories, including:

  • Serial number
  • Batch
  • Job
  • Movements
  • Any user-specified field

TME Asset Management delivers real-time, accurate data to help you optimize your fixed asset inventory, reduce asset loss, and increase cost savings.

Tool Tracking (Check In/Out)

Quickly locate your equipment and reduce both the time spent searching for misplaced items and costs incurred by asset loss. Our Check In/Out tool:

  • Records the time, date and length of time an asset was checked out by a user.
  • Is perfect for tracking mobile assets that are used by multiple employees and moved from location to location.

Location Management

With RFID or barcode technology you can capture a complete history of asset including:

  • Transfers, moves and disposal of assets.
  • Tracking through multi-tiered locations.
  • Pinpointing the factory, site, floor, room, shelf or even the row an asset resides.

Parent/Child Relationships

Simplify your understanding of asset dependencies and hierarchies by assigning parent/child asset relationships.

  • For example; define a conveyer system as an asset parent and its motor as the child, enabling you to report on a "family" of assets.


Gain greater insights into asset performance and productivity to make better decisions through metering:

  • Track your equipment meter data and use it to automate and prompt work orders, maintenance schedules and generate statistical reports for further analysis on performance.

Work Schedules

Set operational work schedules for each asset for metric tracking.

  • Enable tracking of the work schedules of your equipment (i.e. 24/7 or 24/5)
  • Track metrics such as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), operational uptime, and downtime.
  • Create efficiency and optimal output for production assets

Asset Reconciliation

Utilize this powerful two-tiered system of asset reconciliation, which allows you to:

  • Maintain an up-to-date asset inventory database.
  • Perform routine reconciling of physical assets with what is recorded in the database, ensuring accuracy.
  • Maintain a complete record of asset locale history, giving you visibility into where your assets have been.

Traceability & Genealogy

Know the full history of your asset data, from what spare parts were used to repair it, to how long they have been in use. You can report on:

  • Meter ratings
  • Movements
  • Trasactions
  • Check In/Check Out
  • Custom variables

Email Alerts

Be in the know at all times with Email Alerts:

  • Set parameters to alert you when asset inventory reaches minimum quantities or when a change in the asset state (ex. from uptime to downtime) occurs.

Barcode Technology

The fastest, most trusted way to enhance data collection and asset management. Barcode & RFID solutions enable you to:

  • Support fast, easy, and accurate data collection
  • Tag items and scan it instantly into a database
  • Track products, parts, components, raw materials and more by serial number, lot number, or batch number from receipt to shipping.

Extensive Reporting & Analysis Tools

Create rich, informative reports and data analysis on asset performance and production capacity.

  • Schedule reports to be emailed periodically for up-to-date information.
  • Customized reports can be generated based off user-defined parameters.
  • Select from over a 100 pre-configured reports from the report module.

Contact Management

With a web-based contact management system, you can maintain and access the following lists of records from a centralized location:

  • Contacts
  • Suppliers
  • Emergency numbers
  • Maintenance staff

Paperless Electronic Document Management

Eliminate paper clutter by uploading all documents with our Document Manager.

  • In a centralized location, you are able to find all user manuals, warranties, safety & emergency procedures and training materials.
  • Document Manager accepts: video, image, multimedia files, AutoCAD files, Microsoft Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, and more.

Easy Integration with CMMS, MES, and 3rd Party Systems

Customize your asset management software tools and reporting capabilities:

  • With easy integration to 3rd party applications such as ERP systems.
  • Save hours by transferring data from external sources, spreadsheets or databases.

Customize Attributes

Flexibility is at the heart of TME Asset Management. Create your own customized variables and attributes to efficiently track assets on your terms that are unique to your business.

Mobile/Wireless Compatible

TME is compatible with portable devices such as mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers, WLANS, smart phones, and any automated collection device that is Windows-based.

Easy-To-Use, Web-Based System

Forget that boxed software you have to take time to install.

  • TME is always accessible through the internet from MASS Groupâ��s secure data center.
  • Fast & easy access to information anywhere, anytime.

Customer Support & Service Available 24/7

Expect exceptional customer support and service. Live, qualified technicians provide timely, effective assistance.

Supports Compliance to SEMIE10

  • Perform physical audits quickly and easily

  • Keep track of all equipment and reduce asset loss

  • Track equipment performance and productivity

  • Reduce Overall Operational Costs

  • Increase Overall Production Lifecycle

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