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Utilizing RFID For Asset Management, WIP Management & Inventory Management

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not new, but its applications are becoming more vast , especially as an enterprise solution for asset management, work-in-process and inventory management. Buy simply tagging your products, raw materials, assets or anything else you need tracked with unique RFID tags, you can track thousands of inventory and asset items across multiple locations in real time. When you pair this technology with our TME web-based enterprise management solutions for data tracking and reporting, you create an intuitive system designed to help you track inventory supply levels, transaction histories, expiration costs, product/asset movement, WIP traceability & genealogy and more. Your production will become more efficient and maintain higher consistent quality, improving the bottom line.

What's The Difference Between Barcode & RFID

The essential function of barcodes and RFID systems are very similar, but RFID is capable of doing much more in much less time. These are both forms of automated data collection, but here are the main differences:

RFID Makes Collecting Asset Information Quick And Easy

Barcodes are less expensive than RFID tags, but RFID is capable of more, faster. The difference is not in the accuracy, which is nearly identical for both forms of identification and tracking. The difference is ease of use, as barcodes must be in line of sight of a scanner to work because of the optical recognition technology they use. RFID tracking works with a radio frequency that is emittedTME RFID Asset Reconciliation see it in action

Read/Write Customization of RFID

Once you set a barcodes information, that code becomes static. If you want to change the information, you must generate a new code. RFID tags can be programmed and updated with ease to carry a multitude of information, like expiration dates, transaction histories, product codes or SKUs.

Portal Integration Allows For Real Time Tracking

You're familiar with the RFID theft devices at major stores. Now imagine having portals installed at your production facility that will track, in real time, all of the assets moving through it! You can place them at loading bays to track what products are being loaded on trucks. You can put them at facility entrances to track asset movements across a campus. The possibilities are endless and inspiring, giving managers true in-depth oversight of their facilities. Further, because RFID can be tracked through cardboard boxes, fabric, plastic and more, you can rely on detailed information coming from every portal.

TME RFID Portal Software and Hardware Solutions

Why Choose TME RFID Solutions Through MASS Group?

MASS Group has perfected the RFID (and barcode) asset tracking and inventory tracking solutions system and easily integrates this data into easy to use web-based software solutions, creating an optimized combo for production efficiency. This seamless flow of data from scanner to software makes the process faster, easier and more accurate. Bring your asset tracking, inventory management and production management to the next level.

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