MASS Group’s TME® MES Fuels 3D Glass Solutions’ Seamless Shift to Digital Transformation

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MASS Group’s TME® MES Fuels 3D Glass Solutions’ Seamless Shift to Digital Transformation

MASS Group’s TME® MES Fuels 3D Glass Solutions’ Seamless Shift to Digital Transformation.

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. (MASS Group) is honored to be chosen by 3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS) in providing a unified software solution platform with extensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities. The combination of MASS Group’s unique training methodology and their flagship product, TME®, has achieved remarkable results for 3DGS. TME® enabled an effective transition from a manual tracking system (Google Docs) to an automated MES.

MASS Group, a global leader in manufacturing technology, is thrilled to announce its successful collaboration with 3DGS, a prominent manufacturer of high-performance 3D radiofrequency technology. As part of this partnership, MASS Group has provided 3DGS with TME®, a cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to optimize production processes, drive digital transformation, and increase overall yield performance for semiconductor and electronics discrete manufacturers. Traceability Made Easy®, also referred to as TME®, is a cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS product that offers a comprehensive suite of features including production management, asset tracking, equipment maintenance, inventory management, compliance tracking, and quality control. Unlike traditional implementation processes that involve costly integrators and lengthy timelines, TME® offers fast integration and easy configuration that requires no scripting or programming. By integrating TME® into the organization, 3DGS has transitioned from mostly manual spreadsheet-based processes to achieve complete digital transformation. With a user-friendly interface and connected worker methodology, TME® provides a single source of truth for all 3DGS team members, empowering them with real-time data analysis, enhanced workflow management, production downtime tracking, and comprehensive WIP tracking.

Rick Bishop, Production Manager for 3DGS, highlights the significant impact of TME: “By far and large, it has been very impactful for us. TME® has been very responsive, solutions-oriented, and helpful in getting us up to speed.” The seamless integration of TME® has transformed 3DGS’ streamlined manufacturing processes, equipment maintenance, data collection, and inventory control, elevating their yield on their high-volume production line. The collaboration between MASS Group and 3D Glass Solutions has yielded high-performance solutions for 3D RF passives and photonic devices. 3DGS’ proficiency in semiconductor manufacturing methods and creating 3D microstructures within glass substrates, combined with MASS Group’s MES configuration expertise, has resulted in unique solutions addressing semiconductor-grade glass formation. The transfer of knowledge and training by MASS Group with the all-encompassing prowess of TME® has equipped 3DGS the ability to amplify the organization’s process control, improve batch quality, maximize production uptime, and deliver superior outcomes. This improvement not only has driven higher yields but also enhanced customer satisfaction, showcasing the strong success of this partnership. With MASS Group’s specialized methodology and expertise in MES implementations, 3DGS achieved a seamless transition from manual systems to a fully automated MES software solution within a mere 3 months, setting a new standard in rapid digital transformation.

3D Glass Solutions

3D Glass Solutions is a world-class expert in the fabrication of electronic packages and devices using photo-definable glass-ceramics. Their patented low-loss photosensitive APEX® glass ceramic technology is used to manufacture a wide range of glass-based system-in-package (SiP) components for use in RF electronics and photonics applications in various industries, including automotive radar, medical, aerospace, defense, wireless infrastructure, mobile handsets, and IoT. The company has established itself as an expert in this field, owning the fundamental intellectual property related to all aspects of glass-ceramic devices, from materials and design to systems and manufacturing. Their unique manufacturing process allows for the formation of semiconductor grade glass suitable for high performance computing, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and photonics applications.

MASS Group

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. is a software company providing full lifecycle capability to track, manage, and maintain an organization’s assets, equipment, and inventory. With over 25 years of experience, MASS Group has a proven track record of delivering innovative and effective solutions to help manufacturing facilities optimize their operations and achieve their business goals. The organization aims to diligently listen to and respond to their clients by providing tailored solutions to fit their unique business needs. Their exceptional training methodology ensures that the process engineer can learn and do everything in TME®, enabling organizations to handle their own integration and protect their intellectual property. Through easy configuration and high-speed integration, TME® ensures a smooth transition minimizing disruptions. MASS Group makes integration an accelerator, not an obstacle.

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