The Need for Real-time Production Tracking on the Shop Floor

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The Need for Real-time Production Tracking on the Shop Floor

The Need for Real-time Production Tracking on the Shop Floor.

Optimizing manufacturing operations relies on understanding what is happening on the shop floor. But limited visibility into performance data often obscures emerging production issues. Modern manufacturing execution systems (MES) enable real-time production tracking, monitoring, and analytics to give floor teams greater visibility.


The Need for Live Monitoring

In theory, floor operators should have ready access to data needed to enhance performance, quality, and throughput. But in reality, fragmented systems, manual data collection, and delayed reporting create blindspots on the shop floor.

Without real-time production tracking on the shop floor, it is common to encounter unexpected downtime, inefficient processes, variability, and quality fluctuations. A lot of these hindrances persist for extended periods and can significantly impact the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the operations. In fact, by the time issues are analyzed, the opportunity for timely corrections has passed. Floor teams need live monitoring and analytics.


The Power of Real-Time MES

A modern MES transforms shop floor visibility through integrated, real-time production performance monitoring. Converging previously siloed data sources into unified dashboards provides the real-time insights floor teams need.

With an MES software solution, automated IoT sensors are able to feed live OEE, cycle time, yield, and other critical KPI metrics directly from machines and processes. Issues can be rapidly identified and addressed before causing disruptions. Expert advisors provide recommended actions when monitored thresholds are breached. This enables floor operators to achieve new levels of speed, quality, and performance through data-driven decisions.



With over 350 reports, including genealogy, Work-in-Progress (WIP) history, and yield reports, your production insights will be crystal clear. TME® MES is an all-in-one solution that enables organizations the ability for cross-functional visibility, automated record-keeping, streamlined WIP management, and real-time production tracking, all without any disruptions. Let us elevate your operations, without slowing you down.

Transitioning to TME® MES is smooth and hassle-free. We work with your schedule, provide Excel integration, and offer flexible training and implementation options with exceptional 24/7 customer service. Start with one product and get running in 30 days. TME® MES empowers you with speed, flexibility, and enhanced production tracking capabilities.


Partner with MASS Group

MASS Group is a leading provider of manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions for the semiconductor, aerospace, and healthcare industries. The company’s TME® platform provides end-to-end management of manufacturing processes, including process execution, equipment automation, materials management, and data analysis.

At MASS Group, we understand the importance of a software solution that reinforces good manufacturing practices while delivering comprehensive functionality. With over 25 years of experience, MASS Group has mastered the integration and implementation rapid of TME® MES without operational disruptions. This rapid deployment is backed by the TME® software solution that eliminates the need for scripting through easy configuration. MASS Group makes integration an accelerator, not an obstacle.


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