How RFID Containers Can Scale Your Operation

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How RFID Containers Can Scale Your Operation

How can RFID Containers Help You? 

All organizations whether they are manufacturers, warehouse/distribution centers, service providers, or government agencies are struggling with the challenges of being able to account for their inventory easily and accurately.  Simple tasks such as identifying, locating, and reconciling inventory and assets have become barriers and disruptive to daily operations given that very few organizations have automated the process.  As a result, too much time and money are being wasted on processes and procedures that can be easily digitized and managed by using the right RFID software and a systemized container process. 


What is Container Tracking? 

Container tracking enables organizations to accurately track and manage multiple containers as they move throughout the supply chain ecosystem. Whether it is moved through your facilities, your suppliers’ facilities, or your customers’ facilities, container tracking easily allows for real-time tracking and location updates of all your inventory.  


How Will RFID Improve Your Current System? 

RFID technology allows organizations to easily identify objects in a fast and accurate way. The real-time visibility and superior control that comes from RFID powered systems enables organizations to scale at enterprise levels. RFID can play an integral role in enhancing and transforming current processes to a higher tier of efficiency. The combination of container tracking and RFID technology can provide a powerful system in place for your organization to reach its fullest potential. The benefits of RFID containers can be summarized below: 

1) Improved Inventory Visibility

RFID containers provide a drastic increase to your operations visibility of all items in your operation. Not only can RFID readers identify RFID tags located on products but also on containers that hold a plethora of items, enabling easier functionality to tag items and a more accurate method of tracking inventory. Whether your inventory is on the move or stored in the warehouse, RFID powered containers give complete transparency throughout the supply chain.

2) Increased Productivity 

RFID containers can drastically increase productivity by increasing accuracy and maximizing the speed at which things get done. When picking and packing, workers can effectively find the exact location of any item or container. Being able to execute audits or physical inventory counts without the need to scan every barcode or any manual counting will not only save thousands of hours but also thousands of dollars.  

3) Optimized Warehouse Traffic 

The use of RFID software provides greater visibility into the warehouse traffic patterns which will reduce the need for cross-docking or accidents & incidents. By utilizing RFID container tracking software, you can easily automate and streamline your shipping, receiving, and other handling workflows.

4) Reduced Theft Loss 

Due to the visibility within the operation, your team will know where every item is at any point in time. This transparency will actively reduce opportunities for theft, counterfeiting, and maldistribution in the supply chain. 


Finding the Right Containers 

Containers are key to achieving a comprehensive fully covered inventory management system. You can trust containers to hold and track any item that seems to be too tedious to individually tag. To ensure that each container is secure throughout the constant movement within your operation, it is suggested to utilize sealable/closable containers. Any enclosed lid, seal, or lock of sort will be sufficient.  


Finding the Right RFID Software Solution 

Regardless of how superior your hardware is, it is essential to have the right RFID software to pair with your hardware when executing a promising RFID warehouse/inventory system. Traceability Made Easy® (TME®) RFID is a comprehensive inventory, container and asset tracking software solution that was designed and developed to help floor managers, administrators, and warehouse operators gain the traceability, visibility, and control they need to manage all their inventory more effectively and efficiently in real-time. Whether you are looking to track finished goods in a warehouse, account for weapons and keys in a correctional facility, have visibility to valuable digital content in the movie industry or account for people and equipment in a hospital or school, TME® RFID is the single system needed to provide full transparency and accountability of all your organization’s inventory regardless of the size, type, complexity or quantity. 


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