TME® MES & Quality Management Replace Legacy Systems

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TME® MES & Quality Management Replace Legacy Systems

The Challenge

Leading provider of semiconductor-based components, subsystems, and systems for the homeland security and defense segment looking to replace multiple legacy manufacturing systems which include MES, Quality Management and SPC/SQC. Primary driver for the change was to simplify complexity given the multitude of homegrown systems being used in running their wafer and cell processing, assembly, test and panel manufacturing. Looking for a unified, comprehensive cloud-based MES and Quality Management solution that could address all aspects of their manufacturing process while maintaining superior product quality.

The Solution

Utilizing TME®, the semiconductor-based component and system provider was able to replace a multitude of homegrown, disparate applications with a single, unified system. With a much more simplified plant IT architecture, plant personnel were able to have much greater control and flexibility over their entire manufacturing operation. This resulted in significant improvements to respond to changes, allowed for increased flexibility of scheduling and production runs, and dramatically reduced the time, cost, and number of IT resources needed to support the system. Additionally, since TME® MES was integrated with TME®’s Quality Management module, MASS Group was able to provide the end user with a closed loop approach to simultaneously improving both product and process quality as a result of unified manufacturing and quality capabilities. This allowed the system to optimize production of the components and systems, and ensure superior product quality and reduced scrap and rework.

The Results

Benefits included a much more agile, flexible and comprehensive system that enabled greater efficiencies in both daily processes and production runs while insuring stringent quality standards are being met if not exceeded.