Large U.S. Based Correctional Facility Automates Asset Tracking and Security Access Using TME® RFID Asset Tracking


Large U.S. Based Correctional Facility Automates Asset Tracking and Security Access Using TME® RFID Asset Tracking


A large, U.S. based Correctional Facility was experiencing numerous costly corrective actions that prompted Administrators to find a solution to help manage critical key and radio assets which would require the system to automatically track and detect assets that violated established operating protocols.  Prior to using TME®, the Facility was using simple, rudimentary methods such as pen and paper to assign keys and radios to guards, contractors, and employees.  The process was extremely labor intensive and prone to human error, and replacement costs could be thousands of dollars given that a lost key required a complete re-keying of the entire complex.

The Solution

To solve these challenges, the Correctional Facility chose MASS Group’s TME® RFID Asset Tracking System which combined the check in/check out features with easy asset reconciliation.  Active RFID tags and readers were installed throughout multiple buildings to provide real time tracking across the entire campus.  Alarms were triggered and notifications immediately sent to designated personnel should an item cross a prohibited exit point.  In addition, TME®’s robust web reporting capabilities provided Administrators with the ability to easily generate out of the box and custom reports for compliance and regulatory reporting requirements.

The Results

With TME®, the Correctional Facility was able to have 24×7 visibility and transparency to track and manage its critical keys and radio assets.  In addition, TME® provided the security access to ensure that only designated personnel had access to the critical assets in authorized areas.  As a result of digitizing the process, the Correctional Facility was able to automate its location management and reconciliation processes, easily generate reports for compliance requirements, and reduce unnecessary costs by eliminating human errors.

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