TME® Helps Non-Profit Community Health Center Efficiently Manage Assets, Tools, and Medical Records

TME® Helps Non-Profit Community Health Center Efficiently Manage Assets, Tools, and Medical Records


A non-profit community health center dedicated to providing accessible, free, or low-cost health care to communities living in downtown and South Los Angeles was seeking a computerized tracking system that could electronically manage its assets, tools, and medical records from a centralized platform.


At the time, the community health center was using a paper-based system to manually track patients’ medical records.  This process was time consuming and often led to inaccurate record-keeping.  In many cases, employees wasted several hours trying to locate, retrieve, or duplicate lost medical records.

The health center’s efforts to implement digital tracking of medical records were also propelled by the Senate’s recent bill to push healthcare organizations to maintain e-health records for all patients.


MASS Group proposed a web-based tracking system that integrated TME® software with barcode technology.  The result was an end-to-end solution that configured barcode label printers, handheld scanners, and PDTs to integrate with TME® 4.0 Mobile software.  The customer opted to host TME® on its internal server so that they could comply with their IT security protocol. Employees with security clearance could access TME® via Internet Explorer on the local area network (LAN).  The implementation of TME® took three days to install, configure, and train employees to proficient levels.


TME® has helped the non-profit dramatically improve timely retrieval of medical records and accurate tracking of all physical assets.  Employees can now quickly locate equipment and medical records by accessing TME®’s centralized database through Internet Explorer.  Medical files are checked in and out by simply scanning the barcode labels.  TME® logs a permanent audit trail for every asset and medical record in the system, enabling the community health center to effortlessly track histories and comply with federal regulations.  With TME®, the non-profit community health center has reduced asset loss and increased efficiency and cost savings.