Full Traceability & Genealogy

Supply Chain Visibility

Improve Quality

Ensure Safety & Compliance

TME® for Automotive Industry


In today’s automotive industry, manufacturers are pressured to achieve maximum efficiency to stay competitive in the global market.  Ensuring the highest quality and reliability are key components of automotive manufacturing where parts are stressed and used in commercial fleets and consumer automobiles for extended periods up to 10 years.  Quality, reliability, and full traceability are therefore paramount. TME® for AUTOMOTIVE can ensure all of these goals are met. TME® for AUTOMOTIVE integrated MES, CMMS and Quality solutions enable you to maintain consistent quality levels, reduce defects and increase equipment utilization. Minute-by-minute detailed data is captured at every control point delivering comprehensive traceability reports, statistical analysis and deep visibility into production performance. TME® for AUTOMOTIVE equips you with the vital data you need to boost production efficiency, minimize defects, and meet safety and regulatory compliance standards.



  • Complete traceability and genealogy from cradle to grave
  • Built in barcode features
  • Integration with RFID technologies
  • Track record in meeting the TREAD Act and other regulatory requirements
  • Management and control over all facets of inventory
  • Production management and scheduling tools to deliver products on time, every time
  • Rule based flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Electronic work instructions to help reduce production errors and rework
  • SPC/SQC to conduct quality analysis to minimize defects, rework, and scrap
  • Built in alerts to send notifications for production, inventory, and downtime issues
  • Integration with PLCs, HMI/SCADA and ERP
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