Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions

Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions for Peak Performance

TME® CMMS is a comprehensive maintenance management solution designed to help managers maintain assets at peak performance levels and utilize equipment effectively to meet high production demands with minimal delays or downtimes. It is a simple, intuitive system designed for the non-technical user. Easy to use, implement and maintain, TME® CMMS will help plant managers, facilities managers and floor personnel to achieve business goals. They will be able to operate efficiently and provide reports and data needed by organizations to make optimal purchasing, hiring and procurement decisions.



  • Access real-time information on equipment performance and equipment status
  • Move from reactive mode to preventive and proactive maintenance program
  • Increase equipment lifecycle, utilization, RAM, and OEE
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime, increase uptime


Inventory & Asset Management

Integrate CMMS with TME® Inventory Management and TME® Asset Management and create an efficient,


just-in-time supply chain that enables you to:

  • Track consumable inventory, equipment, spare parts, quantities, supply & replacement levels.
  • Tool tracking (check in/ check out)
  • Multi-tiered location management
  • Track assets by serial number and barcode
  • Create and manage transaction logs
  • Create and manage supplier databases
  • Uses standard barcode equipment and is compatible with portable devices and tablets
Maintenance Management

Utilize CMMS to improve equipment utilization and set data-driven performance standards to increase equipment uptime consistency over


its lifecycle. Utilize the CMMS database to:

  • Track equipment performance stats and equipment availability
  • Estimate production capacity and forecast availability by mining historical trends for individual pieces of equipment or the entire production facility
  • Identify underutilized equipment and allocate more usage to increase output and ROI
  • Define effective preventative maintenance routines to increase operations across the board
  • Received email notifications of open and closed work orders
Equipment RAM

Measure your equipment reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM). Measuring Ram Performance enables you to:

  • Schedule maintenance intervals
  • Track Meantime Between Repair (MTBR)
  • Track Meantime Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Track equipment repair response time
  • Monitor equipment reliability
  • Maintain detailed equipment metrics history
  • Track repair statuses
  • Determine ETA to production / uptime status
  • Prevent downtime
  • Schedule downtime
  • Monitor equipment uptime and operational utilization
  • Track equipment production statuses
  • Maintain centralized database for managing all assets / equipment in a facility
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Make critical business decisions with data to back it up so you meet your KPIs. Utilize CMMS to:

  • Calculate OEE, TEEP and other KPIs
  • Improve production, equipment performance and increase ROI
Work Orders Tracking

Automatically track equipment repairs and maintenance to provide detailed work order histories. CMMS can help you:

  • Create new work orders
  • Assign work orders to employees or maintenance personnel
  • Track the status of work orders through completion
  • Create detailed maintenance records of each asset
  • Maintain a preventative maintenance log
  • Track work orders in real time or batch
  • Track total time for repairs
  • Record complete repair histories
  • Schedule repair dates
  • Set work order priority levels
  • Track overdue work order statuses
  • Problem resolution – identify and track problem areas, common problems
  • Assign equipment to work orders
  • Receive tailored email / text message alerts for new, completed, past due and rejected work orders.
Preventive Maintenance Calendar/Scheduler

TME®’s PM Calendar and Scheduler helps define and maintain a


consistent, preventive maintenance schedule. Equipment is simply entered into the system at setup and then regular maintenance intervals are scheduled for easy on-screen monitoring. Email or text notification is sent when a PM is due.

The schedules can be configured by various time settings (i.e., weekly, monthly) and by equipment metrics (i.e., meter reading, production hours or Mean Time Between Failure). Other tasks such as training, inspections or inventory can be scheduled as well.

  • Maintain detailed maintenance record on each asset
  • Define preventative maintenance procedures
  • Develop and schedule PMs, reminders, and past due notifications
  • Define overhaul schedule – replacement intervals
  • Track all scheduled activities on web-based calendar
  • Consume spare parts
  • Reduce PM training requirements for new technicians
  • Maintain equipment calibration schedule & records
  • Email notification of status change to maintenance/ repair staff
  • Log hours

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