Full Traceability & Genealogy

Supply Chain Visibility

Ensure Quality & Safety

Minimize Downtime

TME® for Electronics


Global competition is challenging electronics manufacturers to deliver cutting-edge technology faster and cheaper than ever before. Customer expectations are rising, and industry standards and regulations are increasingly becoming more stringent.  Added to these challenges is the need to customize products to match specific Customer needs through the build-to-order, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order production workflows.  Cumulatively, all these challenges place significant demands on companies to efficiently manufacture high quality products and meet shareholder profitability expectations.


TME® for ELECTRONICS empowers manufacturers to track, manage, and control all aspects of their production process and have full visibility over the lifecycle of their products.  By utilizing TME® for ELECTRONICS, manufacturers will be able to deliver high quality goods with shorter time-to market, ensure compliance to domestic and international regulations, and limit costs carried with warranty claims and recalls.  TME® for ELECTRONICS will also provide manufacturers with the ability to track all components and devices throughout the supply chain process, record telemetric data such as temperature and humidity during handling, ensure precise equipment calibration, and comply with industry and government-imposed regulations.  TME® for ELECTRONICS supports diverse manufacturing environments including high volume with a low volume mix, low volume with high product mix, and one-off customized products.



  • Complete traceability and genealogy from cradle to grave
  • Integration with RFID technologies
  • Built in barcode features
  • Track record in enabling manufacturers to achieve and sustain compliance to ISO9001 standards
  • Management and control over all facets of inventory
  • Production management and scheduling tools to deliver products on time, every time
  • Rule based flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Electronic work instructions to help reduce production errors and rework
  • SPC/SQC to conduct quality analysis to minimize defects, rework, and scrap
  • Built in alerts to send notifications for production, inventory, and equipment downtime issues
  • Maintenance management and calibration analysis to maximum uptime of plant assets
  • Integration with PLCs, HMI/SCADA and ERP
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