Improve Asset Tracking & Location Management

Increase Efficiency Through Automated Processes

Give Customers Visibility

Reduce Theft, Loss or Misplacement

TME® for Entertainment


Entertainment & digital media companies continually face the increasing challenge of being able to track, reconcile, and account for their most prized possessions as new content is created for the general public to enjoy.  Although technologically advanced in some facets, this multi-trillion dollar industry has been slow to digitize and automate simple daily procedures and processes like checking in and checking out creative content, props, equipment, and other valuable assets.  Challenges in being able to efficiently account for and conduct reconciliations of these assets result in entertainment & digital media companies wasting time, resources, and money towards problems that can be easily resolved by implementing TME® for ENTERTAINMENT.


With TME®, entertainment & digital media companies can utilize a comprehensive RFID solution to track their assets and help maintain asset security and meet OSHA regulations.  TME®’s comprehensive approach will enable entertainment & digital media companies to accurately capture asset movement and location in real-time.  The system will track all assets by serial number, location, date, owner, and any user-defined attribute.  Managers will be able to pinpoint RFID-tagged assets and receive timely email alerts and reports regarding asset status and location.  Digitalization of the process using TME® for ENTERTAINMENT will allow the entertainment & digital media companies to better track, manage, and control its creative content, equipment, and vehicles as well as reduce any unnecessary time and costs that could be spent locating or reconciling the asset.



  • Complete asset traceability for digital content, equipment, vehicles, props, and people
  • Built in barcode features
  • Integration with RFID technologies
  • Comprehensive asset management to ensure asset reliability, safety, and peak performance
  • Maintenance management to automate process and achieve maximum asset uptime
  • Robust reporting capabilities to satisfy audits, inspections, and reconciliations
  • Built in alerts to send notifications for any performance or downtime issues
  • Ability to interface with 3rd party systems such as ERP, building management, finance, etc
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