Full Traceability & Genealogy

Increase Productivity and Throughput

Improve Scheduling & Production Flexibility

Comply with Regulations

TME® for Food & Beverage


Food manufacturers are required by the newly enacted Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to digitally maintain food product traceability so that the FDA can swiftly respond to any outbreak of foodborne illnesses. TME® MES provides a proven solution to track and trace the processing and distribution of food – from farm to final destination.  With its fully integrated production management, genealogy and traceability capabilities, TME® tracks the processing of food from the receipt of ingredients to the sale to its final destination for safety, quality, and compliance.  TME® can also be used to track the packaging and distribution of food crops and finished goods to wholesalers and retailers, thereby enabling manufacturers to identify and locate products that have already been distributed in case of a necessary recall.


TME®’s comprehensive software suite can transform the manufacturing operations of food and beverage companies by improving profitability and yield while increasing flexibility.  Utilizing TME®’s MES, EAM, and Inventory & Warehouse Management capabilities, manufacturers can drive higher levels of collaboration, agility, standardization and operational excellence across their plants to achieve smart manufacturing objectives and add to their bottom line.



  • Complete traceability and genealogy from farm to final destination
  • Built in barcode features
  • Integration with RFID technologies
  • Track record to achieve compliance such as USDA, FDA, HACCP and the Bioterrorism Act
  • Production management and scheduling tools to deliver consistently high quality, safe products
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to ensure peak performance of plant assets
  • Asset performance management to exceed reliability, safety maximum asset uptime
  • Rule based flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Robust reporting for FDA and internal audits
  • Built in alerts to send notifications for production, inventory, and equipment downtime issues