Gain Supply Chain/WIP Visibility

Improve Scheduling & Production Flexibility

Increase Yield & Reduce Waste/Scrap

Ensure High Product Quality

TME® for Metal Fabrication


Metal Fabrication companies face multiple challenges both internally and externally which require new tools, greater visibility, and manufacturing intelligence.  Fluctuating commodity prices, increased customer expectations, and global competition have created higher barriers externally. Internally, legacy systems, lack of production intelligence and an aging workforce have created obstacles to operating effectively and efficiently.  TME® for METAL FABRICATION can solve your struggles with data collection, manufacturing intelligence, supply chain/WIP tracking, production scheduling, manufacturing performance, and quality. TME®’s all encompassing software suite will enable you to gain deeper insights in your operations, achieve higher performance from your assets, and be more responsive to address the evolving needs of your customers.  With its fully integrated production management, genealogy and traceability capabilities, production scheduling, SPC, and equipment maintenance management capabilities, TME® for METAL FABRICATION will provide you with 24×7, real time visibility to your manufacturing operations and provide you with the right KPIs to make more informed, fact-based decisions which will result in improved productivity and yield while reducing waste and equipment downtime.  



  • Single, Integrated Manufacturing Software Suite spanning the Lifecycle of a Product
  • Built in barcode features
  • Integration with RFID technologies
  • Track record to achieve compliance
  • Production management and scheduling tools to deliver consistently high quality, safe products
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to ensure peak performance of plant assets
  • Asset performance management to exceed reliability, safety maximum asset uptime
  • Rule based flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Robust data analytic and reporting capabilities for more informed, fact-based decision making
  • Built in alerts to send notifications for production, inventory, and equipment downtime issues
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