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Quality Control Solutions for Product Consistency and Reduced Waste

One of the most critical challenges that management of manufacturing companies face is dealing with quality management issues.  Whether management is struggling with products trending out of specification, failing audits, or lacking end-to-end traceability and visibility, TME® Quality is a powerful and flexible quality management system that can help manufacturing companies control and comply with the most stringent quality standards including automotive (TS), medical (21 CFR Part 11 and FDA), and various ISO standards.

TME® Quality is a comprehensive quality control system designed to help managers achieve, monitor, and maintain consistently high quality output while reducing errors and minimizing waste.  Our system includes both Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) which enables managers to have the full range of capabilities needed to more effectively and efficiently manage quality control issues.  TME® Quality provides managers with an extensive suite of tools and capabilities and automated processes and procedures necessary to cost-effectively manage quality issues while streamlining manufacturing and ERP operations. Further, if integrated with TME® MES, TME® Quality can provide End Users with a closed loop approach to improving both product and process quality as a result of unified manufacturing and quality capabilities.

With TME® Quality, End Users will be able to strictly monitor and take any corrective actions on any inputs to ensure that quality assurance and compliance are met.  For all non-compliant issues, trigger notifications are automatically sent enabling managers to put out-of-spec lots on hold and correct any outstanding issues.  TME® Quality allows Users to be empowered, detect issues earlier, and proactively take counter measures to address any issues.  In turn, risk is minimized, potential of any product recalls is reduced, unnecessary out of pocket costs are avoided, and subsequently the company can avoid any negative brand exposure and PR.  By using proven algorithms to continuously conduct real-time analysis, TME® Quality helps shop floor personnel and managers minimize:

  • Product Defects
  • Product Variability
  • Production Errors
  • Waste
  • Scrap
  • Cycle Times
  • Reworks
  • Product Recalls
  • Production Costs
  • Risk


 Statistical Process Control (SPC/SQC)
Real-time, continuous monitoring at the machine, line, or plant level
Data analytics to take proactive measures based on factual data
Automated work orders to keep
equipment in specification
Email alerts


  • Conformance to industry and corporate compliance standards and regulations
  • Factual insights to make informed decisions that could streamline operations and reduce overall costs
  • Aggregation and visibility to issues which can be used to improve future product features and releases
  • Reduction of material waste and non-value added activities
  • Robust library of reports

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