RFID Asset Tracking Makes Collecting Asset Information Quick & Easy

All organizations whether they are manufacturers, service providers, or government agencies are struggling with the challenges of being able to easily account for their assets and satisfy reporting imposed by industry compliance standards and legal requirements.  Simple tasks such as identifying, locating, and reconciling assets have become barriers and disruptive to daily operations given that very few organizations have automated the process.  As a result, too much time and money are being wasted on processes and procedures that can be easily digitized and managed by using TME RFID Asset Tracking.


TME RFID Asset Tracking is a comprehensive asset tracking system that is designed to help managers and administrators gain the traceability, visibility, and control they need to more effectively and efficiently manage their most valued assets. Whether you are looking to track finished goods in a warehouse, account for weapons and keys in a correctional facility, have visibility to valuable digital content in the movie industry or account for people and equipment in a hospital or school, TME RFID Asset Tracking can be the single system to provide full transparency and accountability of all your Organization’s assets regardless of the size, type, complexity or quantity.


TME RFID Asset Tracking is product agnostic, and can be combined with tags and readers from any of the major RFID hardware providers.  Bar code technology can be added to provide even more visibility to assets and underlying processes.  In addition, TME RFID Asset Tracking can be combined with other applications in the TME Suite to drive improved traceability in manufacturing (TME MES), tighter controls in inventory & warehouse management (TME Inventory & Warehouse Management), and increased serviceability and uptime on assets (TME CMMS).

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not new, but its applications are becoming more vast, especially as an enterprise solution for asset management, work-in-process and inventory management. Buy simply tagging your products, raw materials, assets or anything else you need tracked with unique RFID tags, you can track thousands of inventory and asset items across multiple locations in real time. When you pair this technology with our TME web-based enterprise management solutions for data tracking and reporting, you create an intuitive system designed to help you track inventory supply levels, transaction histories, expiration costs, product/asset movement, WIP traceability & genealogy and more. Your production will become more efficient and maintain higher consistent quality, improving the bottom line.

RFID for Facility Management
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Pumps
  • Vehicles
  • Supplies
  • Spare Parts
RFID for Entertainment
  • Digital Content
  • Props
  • Cameras
  • Sound Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • People
RFID for First Responders and Fire Departments
  • Medical Equipment
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
RFID for Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Medical Equipment
  • IVs
  • Beds
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Pumps
  • Patients
RFID for Law Enforcement & Correctional Facilities
  • Keys
  • Weapons
  • Equipment
  • Prisoners
RFID for Maintenance & Field Service
  • Equipment
  • Tooling
  • Spare Parts
  • Vehicles/Fleets
RFID for Manufacturing
  • Inventory
  • Work in Progress
  • Quality Control
  • Equipment
  • Tooling
  • People
RFID for Schools & Libraries
  • Computers
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Vehicles
  • Digital Content
  • Books
  • Supplies
RFID for Transportation
  • Vehicles
  • Fleets
  • Containers
  • Vessels
  • Spare Parts
RFID for Warehouse & Logistics
  • Raw Material
  • Finished Goods
  • Pallets
  • Storage Tanks


  • 24×7 access to asset location, visibility, and management
  • Single data repository to more easy conduct audits and reconciliations
  • Tighter controls to better manage assets and reduce asset loss, theft, and underutilization
  • Ability to more easily comply with regulatory and legal reporting requirements
  • Visibility to better information to make more informed business decisions
  • Improved ROA

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